Promo Pics for the “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock” Christmas Specials

Normally I’m a stickler for not celebrating Christmas until we’re closer to the actual holiday, but this is cause for celebration–we have promo pictures for the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special and the 2015 Sherlock Christmas special. Well, maybe celebrating the Sherlock special is a bit premature since the powers-that-be have said it might not actually air at Christmas, but, hey, Sherlock is Sherlock.

First up we have the Doctor Who Christmas special. The title is “Last Christmas”, which, of course, is leading to wild speculation as to whether or not Jenna Coleman is returning in season 9.

The Doctor, Clara, and Santa Claus in

We also have a clip that was released during the Children in Need charity special:

Now, as for Sherlock–we have no title and no real guarantee that it will actually air on Christmas Day 2015, but we have this:

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Victorian-era Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Watsonstache lives again! Also, I am getting serious Jeremy Brett vibes from this picture. Who cares how they end up in the Victorian era; we just know it’s happening!

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Doctor Who Day!

Doctor Who turns 51 today! Can you believe it’s been one year since this?

And the show continues to go strong, with Peter Capaldi knocking it out of the park in the lead role and Jenna Coleman really getting a chance to shine as Clara this past season. What will the next year bring? Only time will tell–but if time is any indication, it will continue to be extraordinary.

Happy birthday, Doctor.

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One Last Time, One Last Goodbye

The ending credit song for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has been announced, and it’s a very special announcement. The song itself is called “The Last Goodbye” and is meant to serve as an ending song for all six Middle-Earth movies, not just The Hobbit trilogy.

What makes this announcement so special? Well, just the little fact that the artist who wrote and performed this song is none other than Billy Boyd. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Pippin himself lends his voice to this film!

What I really like about this song is that it incorporates some of the lyrics from the LotR road song (“The Road Goes Ever on and On”).

This song made me realize something, though–despite my complaints about the deviations from the source material, I really am kind of sad this is the last Middle-Earth movie. For the last three years, my friends and I have gotten all excited about these films, and they’ve always been something to look forward to.

We came all this way,
But now comes the day
To bid you farewell.

I’m not sad enough to hope for a Silmarillion movie, though. No, Peter Jackson needs to stay far, far away from that book after what he’s done to The Hobbit.

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The Aftermath of “Death in Heaven” *The Most Spoilery Post of All*

Right, you’ve seen the title; you know the rules. Prepare to have your hopes destroyed and your souls crushed.


Michelle Gomez is a good actress, but I still would have preferred to see her as the Rani. We already have an evil Time Lady villain, Moffat; there was no need to rewrite the Master. And why was the Doctor so upset when he didn’t see Gallifrey at its original coordinates? He knows it’s locked in another dimension, which means he won’t be able to see it! It’s no different from “The Time of the Doctor” when Trenzalore and Gallifrey had the same coordinates but occupied different dimensions!

Ahem. Danny was turned into a Cyberman, which I foresaw from the get-go, so that was no big surprise. Honestly, this episode had so many ups and downs that I’m really not sure what my final impression is. My upset over the whole Missy/Master fiasco is overshadowed by the simple fact that OSGOOD IS DEAD and THE BRIGADIER IS A CYBERMAN.

Well, this will probably be my last Doctor Who review until the Christmas special although I might do an overall season review a little later this month. I’ve enjoyed doing these reviews, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

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Mood Music for All Souls’ Day…

…which technically was yesterday, but its observance was transferred to today–at least in some places. Others observed it yesterday, and, really, I just got too confused.

This year I also thought I’d share this documentary on the Dies Irae and how it has influenced other music as well. You can hear bits of the Dies Irae in songs from such movies as Star Wars, It’s a Wonderful Life, and The Exorcist (now there’s an eclectic collection for you).

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The Aftermath of “Dark Water” *Spoilers Galore*

It’s finally here, folks, the big reveal of Missy’s identity. Turn back now if you haven’t seen the episode yet!

Missy is…the Master. Yes, this guy, right here:

Only now she’s a woman. And here’s my complaint: if Moffat really wanted to have a female Time Lord adversary in this season, HE SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT BACK THE RANI!!!!!! It was the perfect opportunity to bring her back, and everything about Michelle Gomez’s performance screamed Rani. But, nooooo, we had to get all clever and go all genderbender! Honestly, I feel this move has single-handedly ruined the show*, and he will have to do some darn good writing to repair the damage in season 9…if he’s still the showrunner. Or have Michelle Gomez regenerate into Ian McKellan. Then I’ll forget this whole fiasco ever happened.

This highlights one of my problems with season 8. Although it has generally been good, parts of it have also been very hit-and-miss. Peter Capaldi is carrying the show on the strength of his performance as the Doctor, but he deserves better storylines. And part of the solution, I hate to say, may be to hire a new showrunner. I have forgiven Moffat for many things, but this…this might take awhile.

I should probably mention that Danny Pink dies at the beginning of the episode, and that’s the cause behind the Doctor and Clara’s trip to the Nethersphere. This part didn’t really surprise me; I suspected Danny would die and become Cyberman fodder. The really burning question is whether or not he’ll break Rory Williams’s record for Number of Times I Died and Kept Coming Back.

*This does not mean I am going to stop watching the show. I loved Doctor Who long before Steven Moffat took over, and I will not let his atrocities stop me from watching. And the damage may not be as bad as I suspect. After all, Doctor Who survived the Coat of Many Colors and the Question Mark Vest, so it probably has the staying power to survive Moffat’s Genderbender Fiasco.


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Happy All Saints’ Day!

After All Hallows’ Eve comes All Hallows’ (Saints’) Day, the day when Catholics get to celebrate all of the saints in Heaven, whether their names are known or not. This is one of my favorite feast days because of its wide scope. We commemorate all of the saints for all of the sacrifices they made, and we ask for their intercession on our behalf so we can make it to Heaven ourselves.

Tomorrow, November 2, is technically All Souls’ Day, but its observance is transferred to November 3 this year because Canon Law forbids Requiem Masses from being offered on a Sunday. So my usual All Souls’ post will be waiting until Monday. In the meantime, keep an eye out for my reaction/review to the first half of Doctor Who‘s two-part finale, “Dark Water”.

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