The Shiny New-Newness of Dreamweaver 6

Forgive me if this post sounds a little nerdy–well, a lot nerdy–but I couldn’t help myself. After recently upgrading my Adobe Creative Suite from 5.5 to 6, I was amazed with the new Dreamweaver features. So far it seems much easier to use than 5.5…or maybe I’ve finally gotten used to using Dreamweaver instead of Notepad++ to write web pages. Regardless, the feature that has me most excited is (drum roll please) fluid grid layouts. They’re this neat little feature that makes it possible to control how your page looks on a regular computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Before this, you usually had to do some very unpleasant hand-coding to get your pages to render properly in all three devices (something at which I was never very good), or sometimes you had to build different sites for each device! Now, however, you just have to build one site, and the fluid grid layout will automatically adjust the page to fit the device! No more hair pulling! Yay!

…Wow, I just wrote a blog post about web design software. And I was scarily excited about it. That is kind of sad.


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