Catholicism and “One Day More”

This is probably going to be a strange post; it features a link between the Catholic Faith and “One Day More” from Les Miserables that I don’t think anyone else has noticed. To make things easier, here is a video of said song:

Isn’t that a great song, folks? Okay, the part I want you to focus on is around the 1:50 mark. Here is where Enjolras (Ramin Karimloo) asks Marius (Michael Ball), “When our ranks begin to form, will you take your place with me?” This is also a question all Catholics are asked every day of their lives.

“Wait a minute,” you’re thinking now. “Not once in my life has Enjolras appeared out of thin air singing about barricades or freedom or battles. What on Earth is this crazy lady talking about?” (If I’m wrong and this has happened to you, let me know where you live so I can come watch).

This is the question Christ asks all who are baptized into the Catholic Faith. He has asked it since He founded His Church; he asks if we will take up our crosses and follow Him. He asks if we will remain faithful to the Church even when it comes under the severest attacks. We, however, are often uncertain of the pain and tribulation we know come with the territory, so, like Marius, we ask ourselves, “Do I stay, and do I dare?”

This is something we each have to answer for ourselves. Let us pray that, like Marius, we have the courage to say, “My place is here! I fight with you!”

And may we all sound as awesome as Michael Ball does when he hits that “you” note (although I don’t think God is particularly concerned about that).



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3 responses to “Catholicism and “One Day More”

  1. sheenaeastonwannabe

    Yep, this surely has me thinking. I stay and I fight quietly, with prayer and with kind words and patience and hope and most of all faith. Great post. Great analogy. Thank you.

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