Black Plot Holes

Black Plot Holes are like the black holes that exist in space but are the graveyards of plots. It’s where plots go when novels, movies, TV shows, etc.,  lose all sense of direction and limp along painfully. It is painful for both story and viewer–for the story because it may have started with so much potential, for the viewer because seeing the disconnectedness of the story ruins the experience. I speak from experience here–I used to be a *huge* Star Wars fan, but my enthusiasm for it lessened after watching Revenge of the Sith. Why, you ask? Well, it was for the huge, gaping plot hole of Padme’s death.

You see, according to dialogue from Return of the Jedi, Padme lived for a brief time after delivering the twins and raised Leia for a short period. I have proof:

Hear that? HEAR THAT!? And yet George Lucas completely contradicted himself when he wrote Padme’s death so early! I remember sitting in the theater thinking, “Of course Padme won’t die; we know from Return of the Jedi that she raised Leia for a few years and then died.” And then Padme died without raising Leia.

I realize I have probably angered legions of Star Wars fans, but this was something I felt had to be out in the open. Feel free to lob your tomatoes *tightens armor straps*.



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