National Tolkien Week is Here!

Today marks the beginning of Tolkien Week, the week in September wherein September 22, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’s birthday (also known as Hobbit Day), falls. This years Hobbit Day comes at the very end of Tolkien Week, so we get seven full days to celebrate all things Middle-earth. In keeping with this theme, there will most likely be several Lord of the Rings-themed posts in the coming week.

Get out there and celebrate what makes Middle-earth great!



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3 responses to “National Tolkien Week is Here!

  1. Okay…..I never knew you guys actually celebrated your favorite hobbits’ birthdays! So I guess instead of “pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey” it’s ork-fighting for recreation? And of course all the invitaions will be written out in Elfish, for old time’s sake ;-D Better contact Gandalf; he may have to go scouring through musty files in that cheesy-big-bad-guy-castle to make sure nothing gets lost in the translation! ;-O


    • Actually, people that do have celebrations for Hobbit Day just make it like a big birthday party (no orcs, I’m afraid). They do, however, try to eat mushrooms since hobbits have a special fondness for them. There are other Middle-earth themed foods, too, but mushrooms on Hobbit Day are a must.

      Just so you don’t think I’m a complete nutjob, I’ve never actually done anything special for Hobbit Day other than watch some of my favorite scenes from the movies. I would eat mushrooms if I had access to them, but I’ve never actually been to a Hobbit Day bash.

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