Tolkien Week Post #3–The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

And the epicness just doesn’t stop as we continue our week-long celebration of all things Tolkien! Today’s clip is one of my absolute favorites–the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. I firmly believe this is one of the greatest battle scenes ever filmed; everything seemed to come together so perfectly for this.

Moral of the story–don’t tick off the Rohirrim. Or they will come after you. With spears.



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7 responses to “Tolkien Week Post #3–The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

  1. Hi again, Emerald,

    Okay, you’ve got me here. This sequence from movie #3 really was epic in scope, complete with an inspirational charge and some unexpected twists and turns on the battlefield. Plus, Eowyn is a neat character and her resilience shines through here.

    That having been said, I must state that I have been more stirred by other film battle sequences involving human beings as opposed to computerized/make-up-mushed creatures. Some of my favorite big-scale battle scenes are in these films: “Damn the Defiant”; “Zulu”; “Waterloo”; “Master and Commander”; “Captain Horatio Hornblower”; and “El Cid.”

    Have you seen any of these? If not, you definately should! Your admiration for the Battle of Pellinor Fields indicates that you should like these too!


    • Nope, never seen any of those. You’re probably more stirred by them because that’s the genre with which you are most familiar. To each his own–you’re not converting me! 😉

      And, yes, Eowyn is awesome.

  2. How Now, thou Unconverted Tolkienite,

    But I do seem to recall that broadening one’s horizons is, in general, a good thing for the cultivation of a well-rounded mind. Or so I heard from a certain youthful sage when I myself bucked viewing fantasy 😉 Thus, so timeless is the advice, it may be applied to all those who seek to avoid going beyond their particular sphere of interest. To each his own; I explored what I resisted, and now it’s the turn of another to do the same ;-D

    The Persistent Pearl

  3. Pnawn da,

    Pray tell, what did these forays outside of your sphere of interest consist of? Historically based films are a pretty broad genre, so maybe you just hit the wrong type. For example, “Pride and Prejudice” is radically different in content and style from “Damn the Defiant.” Whereas the former deals with “the marriage game” of wealthy young women in Regency England, the latter deals with a shipload of scruffy mutineers who have to make a choice between battling the enemy to the death or high-tailing it.

    Okay, look, we’ll do it this way: next time we meet, I’ll just set up a bunch of rough-and-tumble historical flicks, and play the most exciting battle sequences for you! To be fair, I’ll even have you bring over copies of the LotR trilogy, and we’ll make a day of it viewing massive battle sequences!

    Da boch chi,

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