Tolkien Week Post #5–Charging the Black Gate

I’m wrapping up my series of Tolkien Week posts with this scene from The Return of the King where everyone follows Aragorn into certain death at the hands of Sauron’s minions. I love how everyone is heedless of the fact that they could die and just charge forward. I also love how Pippin and Merry are the first to set out after Aragorn but get lost in the crush–it’s not easy being a hobbit.

I’m also trying to figure out what happened to Aragorn’s horse between his “Men of the West” speech and this scene.



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2 responses to “Tolkien Week Post #5–Charging the Black Gate

  1. Indeed, it’s always nice to see Merry and Pippin get fair air time, although I tend to think it was a bad idea making them so serious in the third movie. They were pretty much the only source of comic relief in the films, save Gimli, and the third movie I definately think needed a little more levity sprinkled in for good measure.

    You’re comment about the sudden disappearence of Aragorn’s horse brings to mind an anecdote about the folk song I recently posted on my blog called “Brave Wolfe.” In it, Wolfe is “shot from his horse”, when in reality he led his men in a charge on foot, all decked out in his flashy cape and walking cane. The Brits did have to scale cliffs in order to reach the Plains of Abraham where the battle took place, so horses would have simply been impracticle.

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