Two-for-One Review Special: “For Greater Glory” and “Les Miserables”

Today I’ll be giving you some brief lowdowns on For Greater Glory, the movie based on the events of the Cristero War, and the upcoming movie version of the hugely popular musical Les Miserables, scheduled for release around Christmas.

First up, For Greater Glory. I’ll be honest; I did not think I would enjoy this movie. In my experience, movies that attempt to capture events like this mean very well but achieve only a poor, one-dimensional status of both plot and characterization. Consequently, I do not much care for these sorts of movies since the Catholics always seem to end up as caricatures. This was not the case with For Greater Glory; beautiful sets and fine acting made this incredible to watch. It actually made the story compelling. One of my favorite parts, though, was during the credits when they showed pictures of the actual Cristeros depicted in the movie, in a way cementing the fact that these were real people who fought in a real battle. The credits even featured video footage of the martyrdom of Blessed Miguel Pro, perhaps one of the best known martyrs of the Cristero War although he was not portrayed in the movie. I was surprised to see this because I had not known that his death had been recorded on camera. I had seen pictures but had never heard of the execution being captured in video format. Just as a heads up, For Greater Glory is rated R for very good reasons; battle and martyrdom are not exactly pretty. However, if you can stomach the blood and violence, you’ll be in for quite an experience.

And now for Les Miserables. This is a much shorter update and based only on what I recently viewed in a special behind-the-scenes sneak peek that was on YouTube. From that clip, however, I can say that this movie might actually be quite good. It would seem that many stops have been pulled in production, and–what I found even more promising–they’ve got a Marius who can sing! Really well! This counts as a momentous revelation because of the 25th anniversary concert. It was practically perfect except for whoever thought it would be great to cast Nick Jonas as Marius. To be fair, he was probably doing a better job than I would in that situation, but compared to the other singers, he just wasn’t that good. The Marius they have cast in this movie, Eddie Redmayne, seems to be quite a strong singer from the brief clip I heard and should be able to hold his own. I think I’m looking forward to this as much as I am The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which should tell you something.



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2 responses to “Two-for-One Review Special: “For Greater Glory” and “Les Miserables”

  1. rosariamarie

    Hiya, Emerald,

    I have contemplated taking a shot at viewing “For Greater Glory.” However, as you know, I loathe blood-and-gore and make it a point to avoid R rated movies in general, except for a few very special exceptions. “The King’s Speech”, for example, was only rated R because of some rather strong swear words in two scenes which could easily be skipped over without hurting the story in any way. Other than that, it was perfectly clean, no blood or sex or anything.

    Honestly, I think the movie industry in general has gotten to the point of lacking taste. I really don’t think any visual violence should exceed a PG-13 rating, and I heartily wish the producers of “The King Speech” would get some sense and delete, or at least soften, the swear words to bring the rating down to PG or PG-13.

    I’m curious about this upcoming film version of “Les Miserables”. Do you know what the rating on that is going to be? I’m hoping it will restrict itself from soaring to an R for butchery in the streets or unncessary sex scenes or filthy language!

    Rosaria Marie

    • I’m not certain what the rating for “Les Miserables” is going to be, but at a guess I’d say it will probably wind up with with a PG-13 rating. It’s got some foul language, a couple of battle scenes, and references to sex, but unless they radically depart from the musical, it shouldn’t be anything over a PG-13.

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