Advance Notice

I just wanted to put it out there that if my posts seem to amazingly multiply during the month of November, it’s because I’ll be attempting National Blog Post Writing Month. It’s a challenge to see if you can make at least one blog post every day for one month. Actually it goes on every month; I’m just doing it in November because the first time I saw anything about it, it was listed as being in November–only now I can’t find the original article about its being in November, and there was brief spell where I was mournfully thinking I had missed the whole thing. But I don’t think I have, and even if I have, I’ll just do it anyway–because that’s how I am.

Fortunately November is an exciting month where all sorts of fun things happen–we’ve got All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, Thanksgiving, the 49th anniversary of Doctor Who, the only model horse show that is held in my area anymore (there used to be a lot more, but now there’s just one–another rant for another time), and probably a host of other things I’m forgetting at the moment. Oh, yes, Advent begins towards the end of November, so there’ll no doubt be a post or two about that. Needless to say, there will be lots of things about which to post. And if, for some reason, there is nothing about which to post, I will either make something up or just post Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera videos.

Either way, this should be fun. Feel free to join in the madness!


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2 responses to “Advance Notice

  1. sheenaeastonwannabe

    Looking forward to it!

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