There are Still Good People out There

I had several different topics I considered posting today, the last day of November’s National Blog Post Month, but when I heard about this, I knew I had to make my post about this.

It seems there was a police officer in New York City who saw a barefoot homeless man sitting out in the cold one night. He then went into a nearby shoe store, bought a pair of boots, and gave them to this man. This kind act may have gone appreciated but unnoticed had it not been for a woman who happened to be walking by, saw what was happening, and took a picture. She sent the picture to the New York Police Department to commend the officer for his actions (you can read this article about it from Yahoo).

I must say that although my faith in humanity sometimes gets a little shaken and disgusted and drives me to want to live in one of those nice furnished caves in Arizona, I was so glad to see that there are people out there who remember to be kind and considerate, who want to make the lives of those around them better instead of seeing what they can do to help themselves. This man is a hero.

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