A Special Feast Day I Want to Mark

Today (in the old Catholic calendar, anyway) is the feast of St. Barbara, an early Christian martyr who happens to be one of my favorite saints. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about her, so I am presenting a shortened form of her biography.

St. Barbara was the daughter of a pagan king who kept her locked in a tower to protect her from the outside world. Despite this, she learned about Christ from a priest who happened to pass by her window one day. She heard him singing about Christ, stopped him, and asked him to explain more. She was soon baptized and embraced the Faith, and her father was furious when he learned of this. He dragged her before the tribunal and denounced her as a Christian, and the tribunal declared a sentence of death. Barbara was executed at the hands of her own father along with another Christian, a girl named Juliana. As her father came down the hill after killing them, a storm kicked up, and he was struck and instantly killed by lightning. Due to this part of the story, St. Barbara is regarded as the patron saint against bad weather, and she is also one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

Sancta Barbara, ora pro nobis!

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