Happy New Year!

Hi, guys! Did you think I’d pass on posting for the first day of 2013? You’d be so lucky. For today’s post I thought I’d feature three of the things I am most looking forward to this year–yes, there are more (and more important) things I’m looking forward to this year, but these are fun and light-hearted and perfect for ringing in the New Year.

  • Star Trek: Into Darkness: The second of the rebooted, alternate-timeline Star Trek movies is being released in May, and some pretty intense speculation has been circulating about the exact nature of the villain (portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch). His name has been revealed as John Harrison, but J. J. Abrams hinted earlier that he would be putting a villain from the original show into this year’s movie…and none of the villains was named John Harrison. What’s going on? What’s Abrams planning? He’s been pretty tight-lipped about everything…so this should be a movie to remember.
  • Sherlock: Series 3: Okay, there’s no real guarantee we’ll get this in 2013 (I’ve heard it may not come to America until early 2014), but I’m still looking forward to this. All of our burning questions will finally be answered, questions people have no doubt been asking since “The Reichenbach Fall”–how did Sherlock survive that plunge he took from the top of St. Bart’s? How has John been coping without his best friend? Has Mrs. Hudson finally cleaned the apartment? Will Sherlock and Irene named their baby Hamish? (Made you look twice at that one, didn’t I? ;))
  • Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary: How many shows can boast they are still on the air 50 years after they first premiere? And they’ve revamped the opening credits to reflect the show’s history:

This is going to be awesome. Happy New Year!



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