I Have Returned! With Tales of Technological Intrigue!

Wow, I haven’t posted here in a very long time. I feel badly about that. But I am back now, and one of the tales I shall share with you today involves my brief experiments with Linux Ubuntu. For those of you who don’t know, Linux is an operating system platform that is primarily based on open-source software, unlike Windows or Mac machines that run expensive operating systems. Ubuntu is simply a variation on Linux.

The good news: open-source software means Ubuntu and other Linux operating systems are free. Yes, free.

The bad news: a program you use every day on your Windows computer probably won’t work in Linux, and the substitutes are not always of as high a caliber. This was one of my frustrations when I experimented with Linux Ubuntu by installing it as a dual-boot operating system on my computer a few weeks ago. Yes, the substitutes often work very well, but usually they just don’t have the same useful features as their Windows (or Mac) counterparts.

Something else that frustrated me was how difficult basic maintenance tasks were. Most of them had to be run from the command terminal–not that I am complaining about that part; my very first computer was pretty much solely command-line interface, but it was at least easy to find out which commands did what. With Ubuntu, I had to dig through support forum posts to find answers to what should have been easy questions. What’s laughable about this is that a lot of people brag about how user-friendly Ubuntu is! Personally I think the techie people rave about Ubuntu so they can feel smug and superior to Windows and Mac users.

I have removed Ubuntu now and am back to just plain ol’ Windows 7. And I must say that Windows 7 is the best operating system that fits my needs.


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