‘Tis Lent

Yes, yes, I know, Lent started on Wednesday, but somehow I managed to forget to post about it. I also didn’t post for St. Valentine’s Day, but that’s just because I honestly didn’t have anything to say about it (although I did get ideas for next year. Be afraid. Be very afraid).

Anywho, with Lent upon us, it’s one of the best times of year to honestly assess your lifelong journey towards Heaven. By taking a step back and examing what you really do, sometimes you surprise yourself. And sometimes you make the right changes to get yourself back on track. Sometimes we fail, but we get right back up. That’s life for us humans for you; we fail miserably, but we get right back up and try to get it right the next time.

Also, as you prepare yourselves for Our Lord’s Passion, Death, and triumphant Resurrection, don’t forget to pray for our current and future Pope.

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