Catholicism and “The Confrontation”

In this completely unplanned sequel post to “Catholicism and ‘One Day More'”, I dissect the theology that crept into another song from Les Miserables. This particular song is “The Confrontation”, sung after Fantine’s death scene when Javert arrives to rearrest Jean Valjean. For your listening pleasure, below is the 25th anniversary concert edition with Alfie Boe as Valjean and Norm Lewis as Javert:

Have you recovered from the awesome yet? Good. Now I can get into the theology bit. The theology bit in particular is when Javert sings, “Every man is born in sin; every man must choose his way!” This, of course, is the doctrine of Original Sin, that man is born with a stain upon his soul that renders him an enemy of God (which is why Baptism is so important). And this turns out to be a two-for-one special because the line “Every man must choose his way!”–in my opinion, anyway–refers to the doctrine of Free Will, that man is free to choose whether or not he will serve God.

And that is my random theological observation for the day. Thank you very much.


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