Because the Whovian World Needs One More Clara Oswald Theory…

I have developed a theory on Clara Oswald’s real identity. I’m probably way off, but if everyone else gets to theorize wildly, there’s no reason I can’t have a bit of fun, too.

Clara is really Romana. I have no reason for saying this other than in “The Bells of Saint John” there was a long multicolored scarf draped on a coat rack that was positioned behind Clara in one shot. The scarf was identical to the one worn by the Fourth Doctor, the one with whom Romana traveled. Why do I say it’s Romana and not any of the Fourth Doctor’s other companions? Well, in the entire run of classic Who, Romana was the only companion who was the Doctor’s intellectual equal–and in many instances her knowledge was superior to his. This is not at all dissimiliar to the fact that Clara’s computer hacking skills far exceed the Doctor’s and that she doesn’t remain in awe of him for very long–exactly like Romana. Add to that the fact it’s the 50th anniversary year–the perfect time to bring back an old companion–and that Steven Moffat has spoken highly of Romana in the past, it’s not that big a leap.

As I said, I’m probably way off. But I got to have my wild theorizing fun.


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