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Sometimes You Just Have to Give a Thing a Chance

Case in point: last November I wrote a rather disappointed review of Windows 8 (no Start button and no way to automatically boot into desktop mode). Well, a couple of months ago I came across a free program that puts the Start button back on the Windows 8 taskbar AND forces the computer to boot directly to desktop mode–you’re forced to look at the Metro layout for a mere two or three seconds before the desktop loads automatically. I tried this in combination with Windows 8–and Windows 8 is suddenly wonderful. Actually, it’s a lot like Windows 7. So if you find you’re forced to put Windows 8 on a computer, don’t despair. Just visit and download the free program. Please note that it also provides some other free programs like a media player and an internet browser, but those programs are easy to uninstall if you don’t want them.


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We’ve Trekked into Darkness…What Now?

At the end of Star Trek into Darkness, the Enterprise got launched on that famous five-year mission, leaving me to wonder what’s next for the franchise. Are they leaving it open for a future TV show, or will the next movie be set during the five-year mission? Although this would have its own set of difficulties (and no small amount of controversy), I would be interested in seeing how they handled a TV series.  It would be a great way to tell new stories with Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the others and not just rehash old episodes–which itself would be difficult. For instance, thanks to the changes in the timelines, episodes like “Amok Time” and “Journey to Babel” have been drastically altered, and others like “The Menagerie” and “Space Seed” have been altogether eliminated. But there are other episodes like “The City on the Edge of Forever”, “The Devil in the Dark” (my first ever Trek episode), and “The Immunity Syndrome” (yes, I like the episode with the giant space amoeba. Sue me) that I’d like to see done in the new timeline.

All that remains would be deciding on a name since Star Trek: The Rebooted Original Series sounds a little dumb.

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“Star Trek into Darkness” Review (Contains Spoilers)

Long story short: Star Trek into Darkness was a good follow-up to the 2009 Star Trek reboot, but it could have been better. For instance, they had so much potential in how they could have cast Benedict Cumberbatch, but instead they went in a rather unoriginal direction. Don’t get me wrong; Benedict Cumberbatch was his usual amazing self; it’s just that J. J. Abrams didn’t do him any favors by casting him as a character made famous by the legendary Ricardo Montalban. Those are hard shoes to fill. And I noted, rather unhappily, that Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban’s performances as Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy did not seem as exceptional as they had in the first movie.

However, what I found pleasantly surprising was Chris Pine’s performance as Captain Kirk–he had actually improved from the first movie. And, of course, it was nice to see Scotty playing a larger role as well. In addition, my Whovian self was delighted to see Noel Clarke make his appearance.

So just because the movie could have been better doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. And that doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy it, either.

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Time to Say Goodbye…

It’s been confirmed today that Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor of Doctor Who, will be leaving the show at the end of 2013.

This is one part of the show that I don’t like, accepting and loving a version of the Doctor only to have to say goodbye. It’s ironic, I admit, that I feel this way because I was among the sad faces in the Whovian ranks when David Tennant left the show. But in time Matt Smith’s Doctor won me over, and I will be genuinely sad to see him go.

The Eleventh Doctor

The Eleventh Doctor as played by Matt Smith. Picture courtesy of the BBC’s Doctor Who website.

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