Sometimes You Just Have to Give a Thing a Chance

Case in point: last November I wrote a rather disappointed review of Windows 8 (no Start button and no way to automatically boot into desktop mode). Well, a couple of months ago I came across a free program that puts the Start button back on the Windows 8 taskbar AND forces the computer to boot directly to desktop mode–you’re forced to look at the Metro layout for a mere two or three seconds before the desktop loads automatically. I tried this in combination with Windows 8–and Windows 8 is suddenly wonderful. Actually, it’s a lot like Windows 7. So if you find you’re forced to put Windows 8 on a computer, don’t despair. Just visit and download the free program. Please note that it also provides some other free programs like a media player and an internet browser, but those programs are easy to uninstall if you don’t want them.

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