Why I’m Excited to See Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor

Smoke rises from the BBC. A new Doctor has been chosen.

This is what it felt like leading up to the big announcement.

The wait is finally over, and we now know that distinguished British actor Peter Capaldi will take over from Matt Smith as the Doctor in the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special. Now reactions about this have been mixed; some people are complaining that at 55 he’s too old to play the Doctor (what a change from when Matt Smith joined the show and people complained he was too young to play the Doctor!), but the majority of Whovians seem pleased that he has been cast. I am one of them. My very first Doctor was William Hartnell (who was the same age as Peter Capaldi when he first portrayed the Time Lord), and I cut my teeth on the classic series before I began watching the modern series. Long story short, I’m used to seeing older actors play the Doctor, and I remember thinking David Tennant and Matt Smith seemed awfully young for the part. Granted, they both grew on me, but part of me wished we could have another William Hartnell-like Doctor–heck, I would have settled for a Colin Baker-like Doctor (minus the coat, of course)! And now it seems that by casting an older actor, Doctor Who is returning even more fully to its roots, which is nice to see for its 50th anniversary year.

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