Tolkien Week: “The Road Goes On”

Today’s Tolkien Week post is a song from the London musical version of Lord of the Rings (which was totally awesome and needs to come back). This particular piece, “The Road Goes On”, was adapted from a song that featured quite prominently in the book, “The Road Goes Ever on and On”. It’s an uplifting, happy song that showcases how the hobbits felt as they first started out on their journey. They knew that darkness was ahead, but it wasn’t upon them yet, so in the meantime they might as well enjoy the trip.

Granted, the Nazgul eventually show up and ruin the fun, but at least the hobbits got to have some lighthearted moments before the storm broke.



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2 responses to “Tolkien Week: “The Road Goes On”

  1. Katherine

    Hi Emerald!
    I thought with our recent correspondence it was time I wandered over to your blog. : )
    I love this song! The tune and instruments are just perfect. I get shivers of delight listening to that whistle, or whatever instrument it is. Somewhere on youtube there is a version that includes the dialogue, which is especially cool. Have you seen it? Among other things, we actually get a shadow of Merry and Pippin’s conspiracy, (which automatically means bonus points for the musical, in my opinion).
    Incidentally, I brought the musical sound recording to a get-together with some friends recently, and I now happen to know that many of them have developed tendencies to spontaneously start humming, “Mountain, and valley, and pasture, and meadow…” at random intervals. : ) And I won’t claim that I don’t do it occasionally myself…
    Happy Hobbit Day and Tolkien Week!
    – Katherine

    • Glad you found your way over here, Katherine! Yes, I love this song, too. It’s been described a lot as “the ultimate road trip song”.

      I did not know there was a YouTube version that included the dialogue…I must go look it up. 🙂

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