Tolkien Week: The Man Himself

So I was looking for Tolkien videos on YouTube to share with all of you since it’s Tolkien Week…and then I found this. It’s an audio clip of Tolkien singing “Chip the Glasses and Crack the Plates” from The Hobbit. Now you’ll notice the tune is nothing like the one in the recently-released movie, but I like it all the better for that. It’s sung by the man who actually wrote the song, so if anyone knows how it should sound, it’s him.

Be warned, though–you might die a little from happiness after listening to it.


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One response to “Tolkien Week: The Man Himself

  1. Katherine

    I think I like it better than the tune in the movie. Wouldn’t it have been great if they had used this tune in the film? Of course, I’m glad they used the song in any shape or form – I still can’t figure out why of the several dozen songs in LOTR, only a couple of scraps of them made it into the movie, mostly in extremely altered, mutilated forms.
    I would be interested in knowing if Tolkien ever recorded himself singing Pippin’s Bath Song. I have three tunes for “The Road Goes Ever On” and probably at least four for Sam’s Tower Song, but I have yet to come up with a really satisfactory melody for the Bath Song. I did find a recording of Tolkien singing Sam’s Troll Song once, which was cool.

    – Katherine

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