The Recovered “Doctor Who” Episodes

So the BBC has finally announced the Doctor Who episodes it has recovered from Africa, and it unfortunately falls far short of the rumored 106 (although they could just be spacing them out so the Whovian population doesn’t die from happiness). We now have all of the episodes for “The Enemy of the World” and all but one episode for “The Web of Fear” (both Patrick Troughton stories), and they will become available on iTunes on October 11. DVD versions will be released later.

Both of these stories have unique features that set them apart and make their discovery so momentous. In “The Enemy of the World”, Patrick Troughton plays the Doctor’s foe Salamandar in addition to playing the Doctor himself. “The Web of Fear” marks the first appearance of Nicholas Courtney as Colonel (later Brigadier) Lethbridge-Stewart, and Jack Watling, the father of Second Doctor companion Deborah Watling, also stars as Professor Travers. Additionally, the storyline also features the Great Intelligence, the foe that has played a rather important role in season 7 of Doctor Who.

Are there more episodes out there? Does the BBC already have them and is just making us wait? We can’t say anything for certain. But for once, it’s nice to ease back on the speculation and just enjoy the stories we thought were lost forever.

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