“And the Light Shines in the Darkness”

Just the other day I published a post about some of my favorite movies to watch around Halloween, but today I wanted to delve a little deeper in exactly why I prefer the old black-and-white horror movies over the uninspired slush Hollywood churns out these days. There’s a lot to admire, to be sure–the lighting, the plots (when they were good, they were really good), and the acting (see plot note), but the one thing that stands out the most to me is the portrayal of evil. Unlike so many of today’s movies, evil is not glorified. There are times when it seems enticing, but there is always an undercurrent of menace to make your hair prickle. And at the end, the evil is exposed for what it truly is; all pretenses and disguises are stripped away to expose the horror underneath. Darkness is dispelled, and the light shines through once more. In many ways they are stories of hope, hope that the creatures of the night will be defeated and man will be free to live his life without fear.


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