Well, It’s Halloween Again…

…and that means atmosphere posts! Our first for today is the original music video for The Phantom of the Opera because 80’s mullets will always be the stuff of nightmares.

Let’s pause a moment to be grateful that Michael Crawford was ultimately cast instead of Steve Harley.

Moving on, today we also provide “A Catholic Field Guide to the Undead”. This article is about 3 years old, yet somehow it seems timeless, and it also provides you with an ideal way to analyze the day’s ubiquitous monsters in light of the Faith. Just think, you could read this and then go to a Halloween party and start philosophical discussions with the guests about their costumes! Granted, I don’t know how many people feel like having philosophical discussions about their Halloween costumes at a party, but it’s worth a try.

Finally we have the musical number “Masquerade” from the 25th anniversary performance of Phantom. Their masquerade was held on New Year’s Eve, true, but the fact that they’re all costumed and having a party seems to fit for today’s mood. Besides, that Red Death costume is epic.

Two final notes before I leave: tomorrow is All Saints’ Day, a Holy Day of Obligation for those in the Latin Rite Churches, so get to Mass. Tomorrow is also the start of National Blog Post Writing Month, so you’ll be seeing new entries from me every day during November.


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