Remembering the Doctor: The First Doctor

I thought with the days leading up to the grand 50th anniversary celebrations of Doctor Who that I would do a mini-series of posts detailing the first time I watched each of the Doctors. And, naturally enough, I’m starting with the First Doctor himself (who just so happened to be the first Doctor I ever watched).

The first First Doctor episode I watched–and that introduced me to the wild and wonderful world of the Doctor–was “The Daleks” (so I guess you could say it also introduced me to the wheelie-bins of extermination). Words are not sufficient for describing the impact it made on my mind–I was enthralled from the moment I heard the theme song, but that was only the beginning. The Doctor himself was a commanding presence, cranky but undeniably in charge of the entire situation. With presence like that, I couldn’t help but like him. What also captured my attention was the feel of the show; judging from the writing, it was actually trying to be serious and educational–quite a contrast from Star Trek (which I love dearly, but half the time I suspect they’re making it up as they go along). Granted, Doctor Who has since moved away from its original educational format, but those glorious early years were what drew me into the TARDIS in the first place, and they will always have a special place in my heart.



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2 responses to “Remembering the Doctor: The First Doctor

  1. Reblogged this on Watching TV with Americans and commented:
    Someone drawn into Doctor Who because it was educational.

  2. As it happens I’m doing precisely the same thing. I think I’m a day (and a Doctor) ahead of you…

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