Remembering the Doctor: The Fourth Doctor

Describing the Fourth Doctor is difficult to undertake because there’s simply so much of him to describe. He was a complex Doctor, his silly and serious sides maintaining an equilibrium that not many other Doctors have achieved. Most others had either more of a serious bent or more of a silly bent, but for the Fourth Doctor, these sides achieved a fairly harmonious balance. This gave him a presence that made him unique among all of his different lives, and to this day the Fourth Doctor remains one of the most recognizable incarnations for that very reason–he brought an extra level of uniqueness to an already unique character.

My first encounter with the Fourth Doctor came in “Genesis of the Daleks”, a story I have quite admired since first watching it. The very presences of the Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry altered the background of the Doctor’s hated foes and, in doing so, altered his past encounters with them as well. The paradoxes that the Doctor introduced into his past are a great source of speculation–how exactly (and to what extent) were his past Dalek encounters altered because of his actions on Skaro at their birth?



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