Remembering the Doctor: The Eighth Doctor

This post is a little on the short side–much like the Eighth Doctor’s on-screen tenure. He first appeared in the 1996 TV movie which was supposed to lead to an American-based Doctor Who series (which never happened). When the show fizzled, Paul McGann took his talents to Big Finish, starring in a series of well-crafted audio dramas that continued Eight’s adventures. I never had a chance to listen to the audio dramas, but I always thought that Eight was an underrated Doctor–there was just something very Doctorish about his performance, something that made you believe him when he said, “I’m the Doctor”. What is this unnamed Doctor factor? I’m not entirely sure, but I positively know that it is in full force right here:

I always knew Eight was a good Doctor, but he reached whole new levels of epicosity in this. He has dethroned David Tennant as my second-favorite Doctor (I still love you, Ten!), and I am now one of millions clamoring for a web series.

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