Remembering the Doctor: The Ninth Doctor

When I first heard of the modern Doctor Who series, I made up my mind never to watch it. In my experience, modern versions of classic TV series were always travesties, and I hated to think of what might have been done to one of my favorite shows in the name of making it modern. What changed my mind? Well, the people on Netflix were raving about how wonderful the modern series was, so I fired up the online streaming wonder that is Netflix and decided to watch the first episode, “Rose”.

It. Was. Awesome. Doctor Who finally had the special effects it had always deserved, and I liked how the new companion Rose Tyler appeared to have a solid head on her shoulders (never overwhelmed for long, demanding to know what was going on, and thinking on her feet). I loved the new TARDIS interior, but most of all, I loved the Ninth Doctor. His intensity and mannerisms reminded me of the First Doctor–or perhaps the Sixth Doctor with a better outfit. He even had that special Doctor factor that made me believe him when he introduced himself as our favorite Time Lord.

As soon as I had finished the first episode, I experienced the overwhelming urge to watch the rest of them right away. I didn’t, but at least I knew that the show had surpassed my wildest expectations.


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