Remembering the Doctor: The Tenth Doctor

My newfound love for the modern Doctor Who series was mostly due to Christopher Eccleston’s brilliant portrayal of the Doctor. He was everything you could ever want in the Doctor, and he was (and always will be) one of my favorites.

And then he regenerated. And standing in his place was this funny-looking guy with weird hair.

“Who is this David Tennant person!?” I cried. “Why does he have to be the Doctor!? I won’t watch any of his episodes because he won’t be nearly as good as Christopher Eccleston was!”

Well, I caved–mainly because there were more episodes with David Tennant than there were with Christopher Eccleston, and I could only watch the same thirteen episodes over and over again for so long. So one Friday evening I sat down to watch “The Christmas Invasion”…and by the end of the episode, I recanted all of my statements on how Tennant was not going to be any good as the Doctor. He was utterly brilliant. As soon as he walked into the middle of the Sycorax, he owned the room. Despite having been asleep for most of the previous day, this new Doctor was already swaggering about ordering people around–he never even missed a beat; he just took charge of the situation as though he had been awake the entire time.

That was when I realized how amazing the Tenth Doctor was going to be.


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