A More Coherent Review of “The Day of the Doctor” *More Spoilers*

Okay, now that I’ve gotten the worst of the adrenaline out of my system, I can proceed with a more detailed exposition of what “The Day of the Doctor” was really like. As with yesterday’s post, there are spoilers, so continue at your own risk. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

First of all, it was great to see David Tennant back on our screens, and seeing him and Matt Smith together was a real treat. According to Steven Moffat, Matt came up with a way for both of them to continue as the Doctor. Unfortunately it didn’t pan out, but I would definitely have watched a season where the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors were sharing adventures.

As for John Hurt…he was magnificent. I did not think I would like his Doctor at all, but he won me over with his quite Doctorish mannerisms. In fact–and I know this is heresy, so please don’t stone me!–he felt more like the Doctor than Matt Smith or David Tennant…maybe because cutting my teeth on the classic series made me used to an older Doctor. Either way, I loved his Doctor, and now the War Doctor stands alongside the Eighth Doctor as Doctors We Totally Need More of on Our Screens.

Was that more coherent?


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One response to “A More Coherent Review of “The Day of the Doctor” *More Spoilers*

  1. Katie Wellman

    I adored John Hurt as the Doctor. He was, by far, the most sincere and heart-breaking part of the 50th Special. I’m a Tenth girl all the way, and while I feel robbed of the opportunity to spend more time with the man who became “my” Doctor – I would watch all of the seasons over again with John Hurt in their roles.

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