We Need More Classic “Who” Fans!

Yep, I’m on a roll with the Doctor Who posts, and this one came about after going to see the 50th anniversary special in the theater (which was awesome, by the way). Although it was an extremely enjoyable experience, there was one slightly disappointing thing–hardly anyone in the audience caught or understood the classic Doctor Who references. Mentions of things like reversing the polarity of the neutron flow or the ever-decreasing ages of the companions got only scattered snorting, and–I hate to admit this–but Tom Baker’s appearance at the end received scarcely any applause at all! It was so sad.

My viewing at the theater cemented in my mind the need for more people to watch the classic episodes of Doctor Who; its history is so rich that it’s a shame to ignore it simply because someone is only familiar with the reboot. But thanks to the 50th anniversary special, people just may start watching the old episodes again.


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One response to “We Need More Classic “Who” Fans!

  1. I absolutely loved all the classic hints – Like the policeman walking down trotters lane at the beginning, Coal Hill school, head of governers I.Chesterton, ‘oh, you’ve redecorated – I don’t like it’. I watched it with my best friend and she didn’t understand any of those little things! Jon Pertwee is my favourite – but I haven’t gotten past Tom Baker yet.
    I think it would be easier for people to watch the classics if they were more easily available and din’t cost a tenner an episode :/ But I definately agree! More people need to realise that when Doctor Who appeared in 2005 it was a revival!

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