A Plea for Sanity

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the mad rush of Christmas preparations is set to begin–okay, in some places it’s already begun. For what it’s worth, I’m going to ask people to please be less nutsy this year! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more and more aware of how Christmas ads keeping popping up further and further away from Christmas itself–seriously, I was seeing Christmas ads two weeks before Halloween this year! Does anyone even start their Christmas shopping that early!? (If they start showing up in September, I’m absconding to one of those furnished caves in Arizona.) But even if no one actually starts shopping that early, it’s at least getting them into a frenzied buying mindset.

I guess what I’m trying to say is stop trying to celebrate Christmas so early! It gets here when it gets here, but rushing into it can make us less appreciative of the other holidays.


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One response to “A Plea for Sanity

  1. Katherine

    Amen to that. Celebrating Christmas too early is one of my biggest pet peeves. (Especially when you begin before Thanksgiving and stop when the clock strikes 12am Dec. 26. The 12 Days of Christmas are more than a silly old song, people – they’re actually part of the liturgical calendar!:)

    I once heard someone complain that we Catholics like to “put Christmas off.” This person argued that “people are ready for Christmas NOW!” Yeah… but we’re also ready for chocolate chip cookies when we first take the flour out of the cabinet, but that doesn’t mean it’s best to eat the flour and chocolate chips right away. You have to actually mix it up and wait an interminable 10-15 minutes, tortured by sweet smells, until they’re done baking, if you want to get the finished product the way it was intended to be. You can use the baking time to clean up the messy kitchen so that you can more thoroughly enjoy the result. Similarly, Advent is to give us time to clean up our souls before Jesus finally comes. If you think about it, the Israelites waited several thousand years for Him – I think we should be able to hold out until after Thanksgiving, at the least. ; )

    So, anyway, I appreciate your point, Emerald. : )

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