Some Thoughts on “The Time of the Doctor” *Contains Spoilers*

I’m really not sure how to put my thoughts on the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special into words–there was just something very special about it. We were sad, of course, to bid Eleven farewell, but at the same time Twelve had me smiling as soon as he started complaining about the color of his kidneys.

It was nice to have so many plot threads tied up at the end (although some of the tying seemed a bit slapdash), and knowing more about Gallifrey’s current location certainly adds a new level of intrigue to Doctor Who‘s subsequent seasons. But it was sad, too, to watch as the Doctor declined in his old age. Even when the regeneration energy made him young again, it was bittersweet to hear his farewell speech.

All things considered, though, I handled this transition better than David Tennant’s departure in 2010. In fact, I’m actually looking forward to Peter Capaldi’s performance as the Doctor.



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2 responses to “Some Thoughts on “The Time of the Doctor” *Contains Spoilers*

  1. viczye23

    I said after Eccleston left I would never watch again, of course I didn’t stick to that. I loved Tennant and when he left I very nearly cried, saying again that I would never watch again. Matt Smith was a great Doctor; though Tennant will always be my favourite closely followed by Smith.

    Now Capaldi is the Doctor I won’t say that I won’t watch again, but I will say I am disappointed at the choice. I look forward to the next series to see what he is made of but I aren’t as excited for the next series as I would normally be.

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