“Sherlock” Recaps and Reviews

Series 3 of Sherlock has come and gone, and once more the interminable wait between seasons commences. I’m starting to appreciate the wait, believe it or not, because I know it means that the writers are trying to give us some of the best television possible, a case of quality vs. quantity–although if quantity could be boosted a little without sacrifice quality, I wouldn’t be complaining.

Anyway, I’ve decided to do mini-reviews for the episodes in season 3 for no other reason than because I could. That’s one of the beauteous things of having a blog; you can do things just because it’s possible.

  1. The Empty Hearse: Mark Gatiss kicks us off in fine style by showing us how Sherlock faked his Reichenbach fall…before showing us two other scenarios as well. Which is correct? They’ll never tell. But it’s not all bad news; John’s managed to move on–he’s even got himself a fiancee now, the charming Mary Morstan–and he thinks he’s finally ready to finish the Sherlock-related chapter of his life. Of course, Sherlock himself returns as alive as ever, permanently lambasting John’s plans of learning to live without his best friend and turning his life upside-down once more. John is naturally upset that Sherlock never sent word that he was still alive after all, yet he can’t find it in him to turn down the offer of another mad adventure. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are together again, and all is right with the world.
  2. The Sign of Three: Steve Thompson, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss all contribute to the biggest episode of the series. Forget Prince William and Kate Middleton; the Watson/Morstan affair is the real Wedding of the Century! Yes, John and Mary are tying the knot, and Sherlock’s giving the best man speech. Considering the sensitive soul and impeccable social skills of the world’s only consulting detective, nothing can possibly go wrong, right? Just throw a murder or two into the mix, and you’ve got a wedding that’s more explosive than the Doctor and River’s. Some people have complained about this episode, but personally I liked it since it worked as a nice tribute to what makes Sherlock such a great show and why we love it so much.
  3. His Last Vow: Steven Moffat ushers us out of season 3 with an episode that provides twists, turns, and shocks galore. It’s Sherlock and John’s biggest case yet as they face off with master blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen, a man with his fingers in many pies. His influence extends over most of the known world…and strikes much closer to home than either Sherlock or John ever expected.  Nothing in their lives will ever be the same again.

There’s no denying that season 3 is one for the record books. On to season 4! (Whenever that may come.)



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2 responses to ““Sherlock” Recaps and Reviews

  1. carlcymru

    i hate the wait but it is worth it for the sake of some quality TV as opposed to a “celebrity” based TV show requiring an IQ so low you have to dig for it. I don’t actually own a TV but could be tempted back if more programmes had as high production values as Sherlock but then i am biased as i am a geek for the original stories!

  2. lry93

    I really loved season three. My friend said that a lot of people seemed to think that the ending to ‘His Last Vow’ was too simple for Sherlock and a bit stupid coming from the greatest mind ever seen. However, I really enjoyed it and I enjoyed his best man speech too. I am looking forward to Season 4!

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