A “Star Trek/Doctor Who” Crossover…from the Very Beginning

A Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover has long been dreamed, and we actually had a comic book crossover between the two landmark shows last year. Also, back in 2008 or 2009, Russell T. Davies, then Doctor Who‘s head writer, gave serious consideration to a crossover with Star Trek: Enterprise (which ultimately didn’t happen, but it would have been cool). But what few people don’t realize is that a Trek/Who crossover was done way back in 1968. Okay, it wasn’t an official crossover per se, but there were definite hints and clues that could point to a Whovian connection.

It’s all in the Star Trek episode “Assignment: Earth”, the Enterprise time travels back to the 1960’s to learn more about how Earth survived an extremely volatile period. When they get there, however, they accidentally intercept another transporter beam…and the beam is carrying a man who claims to be from 20th century Earth but has been living most of his life on another planet. It’s a secret planet, he says, one that will remain hidden even in the 23rd century.

Hm…a hidden planet with time travel capability–sound familiar? Not to mention that the stranger, Gary Seven, carries a sonic probe and has a companion who is clearly using a perception filter. Is Gary Seven a Time Lord? Doubtful in and of itself, but Dr. McCoy did say that Gary’s health seemed a little too perfect, so it’s possible he used the chameleon arch. But I do find it very easy to believe that Gary’s sponsors were Time Lords, perhaps the Celestial Intervention Agency. They had no qualms about interfering with history–heck they were the ones who sent the Doctor to Skaro to prevent the Daleks’ genesis!

So there it is, ladies and gentlemen, the first possible occurrence of a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover.



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2 responses to “A “Star Trek/Doctor Who” Crossover…from the Very Beginning

  1. Richard Willett

    Considering that this episode was a pilot, and another TV producer Norman Leer took two British shows and turned then into All in the Family &Sanford and Son. So why couldn’t Gene Rodenberry do the same with Dr. Who?

    • I’m honestly not sure how well it would have worked as an American “Doctor Who” spinoff. If done right, the two shows could have existed side by side very nicely, with the Doctor roaming the universe and Gary Seven keeping Earth in check–they could even have worked together a couple of times. But I’m not even sure how many Americans had heard of Doctor Who back in ’68.

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