Shame on Me–I Forgot Star Wars Day!

Really, how could I have overlooked something that big!? Short answer is my life has been hectic recently, so I suppose it’s understandable. Still, I feel badly about that, so I hope to appease you today with not one but two videos that celebrate the galaxy far, far away.

First up, we have “Cello Wars” from the Piano Guys (although I suppose the inclusion of the cello makes them more like the Piano and Cello Guys). This is probably one of the coolest videos I have ever seen. I love how they were able to blend the different songs together. Since I am fairly lacking in the musical skill department, apart from some surprisingly good progress on the violin, things like that will never cease to impress me.

Next we have the Star Wars medley from Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollins. Lindsey plays her violin; Peter utilizes his amazing voice, and the results are a lot of fun. Honestly, I think musicians like Lindsey, Peter, and the Piano Guys have more talent than the mainstream people we see everywhere. If their stuff was played on the radio, I might listen to it more often.

Again, sorry I missed Star Wars day earlier in the week. Hopefully you’ll forgive me for that.

And on a slightly unrelated note, this is my 200th blog post! I can’t believe I actually made it to 200!



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3 responses to “Shame on Me–I Forgot Star Wars Day!

  1. Congrats on the 200, keep it up.

  2. May 25th is also recognized in Hollywood as Star Wars day, and I believe in addition to May the 4th, there is also Revenge of the 5th.

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