Violin Review: Mendini MV300

This is a slightly different post today. I’ve decided to talk about the student violin that I own, the Mendini MV300 by Cecilio. I’ve had it since December (I started playing in October but had a different violin then), so I suppose you could say I’ve really had a chance to break it in and get the hangs of its pros and cons. The MV300 tends to get a bad rap, but I think that’s rather unfair. For a beginner violin, something to just get you started with playing, you’d be hard pressed to find something better.

In every aspect this is a real violin–it won’t get you into Carnegie Hall, but it will help you learn the groundwork for getting there. (If I’m wrong and someone out there did play this for their Carnegie Hall audition, please post a video because I would love to see that.) It’s made of wood, which is important. Mine did have a few dings/scratches around the peg box, but it isn’t anything that negatively impacts the playing; it’s really just cosmetic. And speaking of pegs, the ones on mine were a little hard to tune at first; however, after a few weeks my violin became the easiest thing ever to tune (way easier than my old one–some frustrating memories there).

According to a violin repair man who checked over my MV300, some Mendinis have had problems with wood quality; I’m putting that out there to try to provide a balanced review. And you might want to put some new strings on it (and possibly invest in better rosin). But honestly, I am really happy with this violin and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in learning.

If you need some extra persuasion, check out this review from Alison Sparrow the Online Piano and Violin Tutor. She’s a professional violinist with twenty years of experience who reviewed the Mendini MV300 and was really impressed.



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7 responses to “Violin Review: Mendini MV300

  1. Stephen

    First it a pleasure to have a tutor and a guide online. I went through a few of your violin video and a little confused on which one to buy from Mendini MV200 , Mendini MV 300 or the Stentor 2. i am looking for my 10yr old 3/4 Violin and its a beginner violin He has started 6months back and has interest of playing the violin.Please advise and will pick one.Thanks

  2. Daddy

    I just picked one of these up for my daughter in 1/8 size. It seems solidly built and the tone is okay for such a small soundbox. I did get it used but even for the new price I’d be happy with it.
    If she still has it when she grows up, I’ll be sure to mention taking it to Carnegie hall (or Juliard) for any auditions. 🙂

  3. Armileo

    Great posting! It helped!

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  5. my mv 300 is a great instrument for beginner to intermediate, once I changed the strings and got a decent bow.

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