Will You Follow Them One Last Time?

The countdown to the final Hobbit movie is upon us, and going by the trailer, it is going to be quite the spectacle. Retitled The Battle of the Five Armies, it will wrap up the second Middle-Earth trilogy (that was never meant to be a trilogy in the first place, but I digress) with fire, wizardry, battles, death, and (apparently) a reprise of the haunting “Edge of Night” from The Return of the King.

All of this has made me realize something, though–I am really going to be sad that there are no more Hobbit movies after this one. Geeking out about them with my friends and then posting reviews on here have been high points in my life since I started this blog. I’m going to have to find more stuff to write about after this!

Well, I won’t panic too much just yet. I’ll just enjoy the end of the series (and try not to cringe too much at the changes I fear Jackson has made to this part).



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7 responses to “Will You Follow Them One Last Time?

  1. I totally agree!!! I was devastated after walking out of the Return of the King. Thank God they brought out extended versions, so there was still more.

    Too this day I’ve only re-watched Return of the King three times (I’ve watched the other movies at least a 100 times) – once in the movies, once at home, and once when I saw it performed with the Symphony (magical). I JUST DON’T WANT THE JOURNEY TO BE OVER.

    Maybe Jackson can turn the Silmarillion into a Game of Thrones like television show?

    • I’d be a little leery about a Silmarillion TV show. I wasn’t too happy with some of the changes he’s made in the Hobbit movies, and I’d just be skittish to see how drastically he would change the storylines in the Silmarillion.

      • I agree with you on the changes to the Hobbit – I don’t think they needed too add to it/change the parts that they did. But the Silmarillion has so much material, one would hope they wouldn’t change it as much much. I guess Game of Thrones has the advantage of having the approval of the author as well.

  2. As long as Christopher Tolkien’s alive, I don’t think Peter Jackson will get a chance at a Silmarillion movie – or worse, a TV show – and I agree with Emerald that that’s a good thing. Since fewer fans are familiar with the Silmarillion, and there are fewer fully-developed characters, I fear Jackson would take it as a license to essentially do whatever he wanted and call it the Silmarillion.

    Am I the only person who’s a little leery about the implications of that scene with Galadriel kissing Gandalf? I mean, people are still buzzing about how she fondled his hair in the first movie… and, whether anyone likes it or not, she’s married, so any hint at romantic inclinations towards Gandalf would be inappropriate for her character. (Has Celeborn even appeared in either movie thus far? Poor guy, everyone forgets he exists..) Yes, there is such a thing as friendship, and I completely approve of that… but this seems to be a little beyond that. I thought she had already gone a little too far.

    I also wonder if they’re really going to use the “Edge of Night” recording in the actual film or if that was just for the trailer. I mean, they can’t just have Pippin drop in out of the future and sing it. Would they use it for the credits song, or just a voice-over? And for what scene?

    • Since Gandalf looked kind of dead in that scene, and Galadriel was crying, I sort of took that scene to indicate that Gandalf gets injured to the point of death in the Battle of the White Council against the Necromancer, and Galadriel’s kiss was a token of farewell (like in “The Fellowship of the Ring”). But I know what you mean; in “An Unexpected Journey” where Gandalf and Galadriel were discussing the dwarves’ journey, it almost seemed like there was a little bit of undiscussed romance between those two. Heh, I remember thinking, “What the heck, Jackson? No!” And, no, Celeborn has not been in any of the Hobbit movies so far…I think he was on the White Council, though, so he might show up in the last movie.

      I, too, am wondering if/how they’ll use “The Edge of Night” in the movie. They could very easily have another character sing it, but I think it would kind of ruin Pippin’s rendition from “The Return of the King”.

      • Yeah, I guess that could work. It just has me leery because of what happened in the first film. Still, I hope to goodness he doesn’t actually die and resurrect again – that would completely take away from the significance of it happening in LOTR! : )

      • Eh, knowing Jackson, he’ll probably do it in an attempt to foreshadow the events of LotR and look clever.

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