Discovering a Kindred Spirit

It’s always a brilliant sensation when you encounter someone who shares your likes and beliefs, be they the mutual love of a book or TV series (here’s looking at you, fellow Whovians!)…or a religion.

Being Catholic myself, I always find it uber-exciting to discover another Catholic well-known to the mainstream media–here’s someone in the glaring public eye with whom you can actually relate on some level! And it may not even be someone you suspected of sharing any similarity with you at all. For example, I’m finally getting around to watching the X-Men movies (don’t judge that it took me so long, okay?), and I was going along enjoying the movie when all of a sudden, WHAM! I discovered Nightcrawler is Catholic.

Alan Cumming as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler in

Alan Cumming as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler in “X2: X-Men United”

This is Nightcrawler, whose real name is Kurt Wagner. Kurt is a blue, freaky-looking teleporter. He is also a devout Catholic, so to me, the freaky-looking blue aspect doesn’t matter at all, and the teleporting is a sweet perk. It was just so exciting to have a character to have some sort of trait that enabled me to identify with him, and not just any trait, either, but one that is so deeply rooted in me.

Not only is he Catholic, but he also has a strong understanding of his faith. I wish I could find the scene where he was talking about how he pitied those who hated the mutants instead of hating them in return, but YouTube has decided to fail me and not have any clips of that scene. Still, that just cemented his unique self into my head, and he is now on my List of Fictional Characters with Whom I Would like to Converse.



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2 responses to “Discovering a Kindred Spirit

  1. Another way-cool Catholic that I am crazy about is Pope Francis! How awesome is it that non-Catholics like him, too? I love it that he sneaks off to have lunch with his Jesuit friends. I love it that he ditches the Popemobile and travels in a regular economy car, just like us. I REALLY love it that he “dresses down” and talks like my favorite priest, Fr. Mike. BTW – I like your post, and I have to love Wolverine best because I do have a “thing” for Hugh Jackman. Keep writin’.

    • Haha, thanks! Yes, it really is remarkable just how many non-Catholics like Pope Francis and are listening to what he says. And I think Wolverine is awesome, too. In fact, I have decided I need my own set of Wolverine claws. I have no idea what I need them for; I just know I need them. 🙂

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