The Aftermath of “Deep Breath” *Spoilers*

The eighth season of Doctor Who is finally upon us! Hooray! And is it ever good! Now there will be spoilers in this post, so you have been warned, but I just had to share my thoughts on the new everything.

First we have a new opening sequence and theme tune. I’m not sure I’m sold on either just yet, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me in time.

As for the new Doctor himself–oh. My. Gosh. Capaldi has surpassed my wildest hopes and dreams; words cannot adequately express how much I love his Doctor. It was just a bald statement of fact–he is the Doctor. Even in his post-regenerative muddle, his presence never ceases to be sharp and commanding. He was so much the Doctor that Matt Smith’s surprise cameo left me kind of “meh”. Everything about Capaldi just screams Doctor, and it’s hard to imagine a more perfect actor for the part.

Jenna Coleman is also in fine form as Clara Oswald. In my opinion, she plays off Capaldi better than she did with Smith, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her future interactions with Twelve. Apart from the Doctor, she is a stronger character in her own right, more so than from last season. She’s quick to decipher the mysterious ad in the paper and does well in holding her own against the androids, figuring out that the best way to escape their notice is to hold her breath. About the only thing I didn’t like was her skepticism about the Doctor’s regeneration–I mean, she was inside his timeline; she understands regeneration in a way most companions never will! She’s seen all of his different faces, so a new one shouldn’t have been quite so jarring.

All things considered, “Deep Breath” was a joy to watch, and I can’t wait to go “Into the Dalek” next week!


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2 responses to “The Aftermath of “Deep Breath” *Spoilers*

  1. emilystarblog

    I totally agree – especially about Clara having been inside his timeline. She really should have known better – although then that might have lost us the whole who’s-the-egomaniac-here scene, which was absolutely amazing, so I won’t quibble about it 🙂

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