The Aftermath of “Listen” *Spoilers*

Spoilers, blah, blah, blah, you know the drill by now. On to the good stuff.

“Listen” is one of the creepiest episodes of the series. It reminded me a lot of the immortal “Blink”, but its tone was much darker. It also seemed more, well…the closest word I can think of is philosophical. We faced our deepest fears, encountered some mind-blowing paradoxes (well, maybe they weren’t quite mind-blowing, but they still had me shouting, “MOFFAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT!”), and were treated to more of the ever-more-intriguing Twelve-Clara dynamic.

I must say that I am loving the new interactions between Twelve and Clara. Their exchanges remind me a lot of siblings–the way the Doctor will criticize appearance and boyfriends and Clara will tell him he’s being an idiot and to just shut up already. It’s like having a brother and sister in the TARDIS–they’ll pick and nag at each other, but deep down inside, there’s a lot of love there.


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