The Aftermath of “The Caretaker” *Spoilers*

Insert spoiler warning here.

I think this is my favorite episode of the season so far. It has everything–comedy, time travel, deep emotional conversations, the Doctor being gruff. And a shout of appreciation goes out to Adrian the Eleventh Doctor lookalike. Here’s hoping you pop up in future episodes.

The emotional content of this episode was especially loaded. The look on the Doctor’s face when Clara says she loves Danny is one of pure heartbreak; you can tell how betrayed he feels–like this:

Okay, wow, I was not expecting to include a Phantom clip. Perhaps I should start actually planning these reviews. But it’s true; the Doctor honestly felt betrayed by Clara’s declaration. “Humans. Will I never learn?”

Clara later admits that she loves both Danny and the Doctor (although the Doctor in clearly a different way), and she is not the first companion to do this in recent history. But what will come of this? Rose chose the Doctor; Amy chose Rory. What decision will Clara make? My guess is that if Moffat wanted to shake things up a bit, Clara will choose neither of them. If her departure is imminent, something will happen that will cause her to leave the TARDIS, but she won’t necessarily go off with Danny either because he’s dead or their relationship is toast.

And speaking of Danny, that flip over the Skovox Blitzer was AWESOME. He can stay.


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