Hope for “Once Upon a Time”?

The last season of Once Upon a Time had me very, very skeptical about the quality of the writing. To me, the Neverland and Oz plots seemed like half-baked debacles, and I cringed when they revealed that Frozen would be a key player in season 4. But you know what? They actually started out okay. The plot doesn’t seem forced or unnatural; the characters aren’t annoying, and it actually grabs your attention. I will be very happy if the quality of the writing only goes up from here.

I will also say that I like how Regina hasn’t gone all berserk yet. After the character development they gave her, I was really afraid they were going to undo it. But Regina is showing some restraint, which is a good thing. Here’s hoping she won’t give in to her dark plan and will fully become the good woman Henry believes she can be.

As a final note, the whole author subplot promises to be extremely interesting. It was my understanding that Pinocchio wrote the book or had some involvement in it. Are they going to suggest he got the stories elsewhere? Or am I off-base, and Pinocchio didn’t have anything to do with the book? It’s been so long since they covered that storyline I can’t remember.


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