The Aftermath of “Kill the Moon” *Contains Spoilers*

Spoilers, etc.

“Kill the Moon” was a tense, intriguing outing that showed a rarely-seen side of the Doctor. Too often we forget that the Time Lords had a policy of non-interference, a policy which the Doctor has mostly ignored. But this was different; this decision decided the Earth’s fate, and instead of forcing a decision on the human race, the Doctor lets them decide for themselves.

This unnerves Clara to no end–understandably so; up to now she’s been used to the Doctor making all of the hard decisions…because that was what he did. Now it was her turn, and it left a bitter taste in her mouth. She even told the Doctor to leave, and she clearly had no intention of ever seeing him again. Whether or not they manage to patch up their relationship by the next episode is unclear; the promos for “Mummy on the Orient Express” didn’t show Clara, but they could just be saving the patch-up as a surprise.

Tense Twelve/Clara drama aside, “Kill the Moon” gave us an original concept and is probably one of the most unique episodes of Doctor Who we have seen. It will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the highlights of season 8.


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  1. emilystarblog

    I was team Clara until this season, but now I am so over her whining. What happened to the girl who would sacrifice her life to save the Doctor’s? Twice? So he regenerated! Get over it! Ugh. I hope we get a little break from her this week.

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