The Aftermath of “Flatline” *Contains Spoilers*

Before we begin, let us take a moment to mourn the fact that season 8 is almost over. Next week we have “In the Forest of the Night”, and the week after that is “Dark Water”, the first episode of the two-part season finale. How can it almost be over when it feels as though we just got started?

But let’s not get too glum; let’s talk about “Flatline”…and there’s certainly a lot to talk about. For starters, the whole two-dimensional aspect had me originally thinking the premise would be similar to season 2’s “Fear Her”, but this was considerably less benevolent. No, these beings from another dimension are trying to study humans for reasons unknown, and they don’t prove to be very communicative. The Boneless were a fresh new villain for Doctor Who, and I’d love to see them make a return appearance.

Clara had an excellent outing and did well running the show on her own–but, as I suspected, her lies are catching up with her again, and the Doctor is starting to worry about all the lies she’s telling. Speaking of the Doctor, his final face-off with the Boneless was EPIC! Peter Capaldi may be starting to nudge William Hartnell out of my Favorite Doctor slot…maybe; I am still ultimately loyal to One. Anyway, it was still brilliant. I also kind of wonder if the whole Clara-as-the-Doctor scenario was another way of floating the idea of a female regeneration of the Doctor, an idea of which I am on the fence–it could work if they cast a really, really, really really good actress.

And that ending with Missy almost made me think we were dealing with a psycho female Eleventh Doctor…almost. I hold the theory that Missy is Death, but psycho female Eleventh Doctor would make things a whole lot more interesting.


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