The Aftermath of “In the Forest of the Night” *Contains Spoilers*

Spoilers below.

This was a curious little episode of Doctor Who–curious in a good way. We had an unusual villain that turned out not to be a villain after all, another appearance by the enigmatic Missy, and this:

But that doesn’t happen till next week.

Still, though, the idea of having a forest spring up overnight was really clever, and I’m actually kind of surprised no one has thought of it before. And it’s kind of funny to see how Twelve is not quite as good with children as his predecessor was. What’s interesting, though, is the emphasis they have put on the Doctor interacting with children this season. I don’t know if it’s to emphasize his alien nature or if they’re trying to show us something else.

And was it just me, or am I the only one who’s wondering if that was really Mave’s sister who came back at the end of the episode, or if she created a facsimile of Annabelle the way she brought the forest into being.


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