The Aftermath of “Dark Water” *Spoilers Galore*

It’s finally here, folks, the big reveal of Missy’s identity. Turn back now if you haven’t seen the episode yet!

Missy is…the Master. Yes, this guy, right here:

Only now she’s a woman. And here’s my complaint: if Moffat really wanted to have a female Time Lord adversary in this season, HE SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT BACK THE RANI!!!!!! It was the perfect opportunity to bring her back, and everything about Michelle Gomez’s performance screamed Rani. But, nooooo, we had to get all clever and go all genderbender! Honestly, I feel this move has single-handedly ruined the show*, and he will have to do some darn good writing to repair the damage in season 9…if he’s still the showrunner. Or have Michelle Gomez regenerate into Ian McKellan. Then I’ll forget this whole fiasco ever happened.

This highlights one of my problems with season 8. Although it has generally been good, parts of it have also been very hit-and-miss. Peter Capaldi is carrying the show on the strength of his performance as the Doctor, but he deserves better storylines. And part of the solution, I hate to say, may be to hire a new showrunner. I have forgiven Moffat for many things, but this…this might take awhile.

I should probably mention that Danny Pink dies at the beginning of the episode, and that’s the cause behind the Doctor and Clara’s trip to the Nethersphere. This part didn’t really surprise me; I suspected Danny would die and become Cyberman fodder. The really burning question is whether or not he’ll break Rory Williams’s record for Number of Times I Died and Kept Coming Back.

*This does not mean I am going to stop watching the show. I loved Doctor Who long before Steven Moffat took over, and I will not let his atrocities stop me from watching. And the damage may not be as bad as I suspect. After all, Doctor Who survived the Coat of Many Colors and the Question Mark Vest, so it probably has the staying power to survive Moffat’s Genderbender Fiasco.



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2 responses to “The Aftermath of “Dark Water” *Spoilers Galore*

  1. Ah, the Coat of Many Colors.. I agree with you that the Rani should have been brought back! Missed opportunity there, shame. Still, it was an interesting episode to say the least.

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