Reacting to “Last Christmas” *Spoilers*

First of all, let me apologize for not posting this sooner. You see, I got books for Christmas. And I’m on my Christmas break. This means I had nothing to stop me from going into full-blown bibliopire mode (bibliopires, in case you are unaware, are like vampires, but instead of feasting upon humans, bibliopires latch onto books and drain them dry. I unashamedly admit that I invented this term, or at least I’ve never heard anyone else use it, so I’m claiming credit for it). However, I have managed to put the books down for a little bit in order to provide you with a review for the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special, “Last Christmas”.

Where to begin, where to begin? I’ve seen it compared to Inception, but that falls a bit short of describing the whole dreams-within-dreams-within-dreams-within-even-more-dreams scenario that played out over the course of an hour. Also, Inception did not have giant disembodied hands that grabbed your face and put you in a coma while it slowly ate your brain. Man, does Moffat know how to write a cheery Christmas episode, or what?

To be fair, though, Moffat wasn’t entirely cruel to the fans this year. He packed in so many twists and turns and ups and downs that it came close to matching the emotional roller coaster that was last year’s “The Time of the Doctor”–it didn’t quite match it, though; it’s hard to rival the emotional intensity of a regeneration episode–but he didn’t let us down; he gave it a happy ending!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Clara will be back aboard the TARDIS for season 9 next year. I know Clara isn’t necessarily popular with the fans, but I still call it a happy ending because of the Doctor’s joy. Twelve has been more grumpy than his predecessors, but for the Christmas special, we got to see him smile and laugh…and the way his face lit up when Clara said she would come back was priceless.

Speaking of which, I must say that I really do love the chemistry between Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. Twelve and Clara are the best Doctor/companion duo we’ve seen since Ten and Donna, and I look forward to many more seasons with the two of them.


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  1. I am definitely adding ‘bibliopire’ to my vocabulary. It’s as good as ‘Frodophile’ and will probably prove even more useful. ; )

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