“Resurrection”: What is Preacher James’s Angle? Why is Rachel’s Baby so Important?

Today I’ve decided to do a post on Resurrection, the ABC drama about a town that is seeing its inhabitants come back from the dead. It all started–at least the show started–with Jacob Langston, an eight-year-old boy who died in the 1970’s when he tried to save his aunt from drowning. Shortly after Jacob returned to his family, other people began coming back as well. Eventually we learned that this has happened before; there are records of the dead coming back to life going back centuries in the town of Arcadia, Missouri.

But this time is different; this time we had a pregnant woman return…and when she came back, her pregnancy continued as normal. Rachel hadn’t known she was pregnant when she drove her car off the bridge, but now that she’s back, it’s progressing far faster than the average pregnancy. And this clearly won’t be the average baby; we’ve already seen how he can control the minds of other Returned even though he hasn’t been born yet.

All of this leads Preacher James Goodman, another Returned, to declare that Rachel’s baby is the Anti-Christ. He claims it was “gestated in death” and “was never meant to be born” and plans, with the help of Jacob’s scheming grandmother Margaret (also Returned) to eliminate Rachel before she can give birth. (This has to be done by getting the Returned to lose the will to live; they can survive any other form of death–shootings, stabbings, hangings–but if they lose their will to live, they disappear and are never seen again.) They don’t have much time left, though, because Rachel’s labor has already begun.

It’s easy to see why some of the Returned are wary of Rachel’s baby, but the Preacher’s declaration that the baby is the Anti-Christ is a bit suspicious. The Preacher has long had his own motives, his own reasons for doing things, and he can’t exactly be trusted. It could be he has an entirely unrelated reason for getting the baby out of the way–Preacher James is fairly strong and is a leader among the Returned, but the baby can control even him. Perhaps he seeks to get rid of a rival before he poses a serious threat?

But is Rachel’s baby harmless? How can he control the minds of the other Returned? What role does he play in this ever-widening saga?

The short answer is that I don’t know. And I think that’s part of why I keep tuning in to Resurrection each week; its core is a mystery story.

Please note that this post is actually a brief summary of what’s happened so far–there’s actually been a whole lot more in the episodes, but I can only include so much in one post.


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