So Much for My Dream Cast…

After hearing about Disney’s live-action version of Beauty and the Beast in the works, I got my own cast together in my head. After Emma Watson as Belle, my head-cast featured Benedict Cumberbatch as the Beast, Tom Hiddleston as Lumiere, Martin Freeman as Cogsworth, Julie Andrews as Mrs. Potts, and Peter Capaldi as Maurice. I didn’t have any real idea about whom I wanted to see as Gaston, but that was the gist of my cast.

Well, Disney finally announced their Beast, and it looks as though my dream cast will remain just that–a dream. The actor playing the Beast is Dan Stevens, a guy I’ve never heard of before, but he must be good, or else they wouldn’t have cast him…then again, I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but he was a horribly miscast Valjean in Les Miserables (and don’t even get me started on Russell Crowe’s Javert).

On the plus side, they’ve also announced Luke Evans as Gaston. Luke Evans, as most of you probably know, played Bard the Bowman in The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies–and played him quite well, I might add, making him appropriately awesome. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him in this movie.

Rumored to be playing Lefou is Matt Lucas, who played Thenadier in the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables (good ol’ 25th Les Mis concert!). I really hope this rumor is true; he was a perfect Thenadier in Les Mis, and I know he would do a good job as Lefou.

I’m disappointed that my ideal cast does not seem to be happening, but the inclusion of Luke Evans and (hopefully) Matt Lucas mollifies me a little bit. I just really, really, really hope this movie does not turn into another disappoint.



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2 responses to “So Much for My Dream Cast…

  1. emilystarblog

    Dan Stevens was on Downton Abbey. He was a great character that everyone loved, and the role is what made him semi-famous, but then he decided he didn’t want to be in the show anymore. So the writers killed him off in an awful car accident in the season finale. On Christmas Day. It’s been 2 years and I’m still mad at him! So yeah…that’s Dan Stevens.

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